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Engaged Patriots

Engaged Patriots Manifesto-Hardback Edition

Engaged Patriots Manifesto-Hardback Edition

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The Engage Patriots Manifesto-Living These 10 Values Will Save Our Families and Communities

Discover the Time Tested Values that are critical to a free society and how you can influence your family and community
as you become an Engaged Patriot!
  1. We Shall Protect the Weak and Innocent.
  2. We Shall Show Compassion to Others.
  3. We Shall Teach Correct Principles.
  4. We Shall Strengthen our Families.
  5. We Shall Serve in Our Communities.
  6. We Shall Rebuild Our Economies.
  7. We Shall Fear No Oppressor.
  8. We Shall Lead With Integrity.
  9. We Shall Honor God.
  10. We Shall Leave a Legacy of FREEDOM.

The ten declarations in the Engaged Patriot Manifesto are based on common sense and time-tested principles. They are a statement of conservative values and a proposed action plan, that can serve as a guide in our daily lives.

My name is Matthew J Cameron. I am not Famous. I am a Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, and Patriot. I felt compelled to write this book. It comes from my heart. I wrote it for my children and grandchildren.

I was tired of all the woke agenda pushing their corrupt immoral values on us. I was tired of my innocent grandchildren being exposed to their evil ways. I sat idly by as many great patriots stepped up and shared their beliefs and encouraged Patriots to embrace the cause of Freedom. My conscience worked on me and I knew I needed to do more than watch others carry the yoke. I hope you will find this little book to be a source of encouragement and strength for you. I. hope that you will embrace the declarations in the manifesto and choose to be a more Engaged Patriot.

The world needs more good people to step up and increase their personal influence. You are stronger than you think, and your unique influence and leadership is desperately needed today!
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